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About 175 years ago, an amazing cure for all joint & muscular pains, specifically knee pain, was first discovered by Pt. Sri Ram Sharma in a Rajasthan village. This miraculous preparation was limited only to few, prevent it from becoming a general household cure. It was later passed on to subsequent generations of Shri Vaidya Sharma in order to make it available to a bigger population.

‘Sandhi’ meaning ‘joints’ & ‘jivak’ meaning ‘nectar’ is a natural tonic in the form of oil & lep to cure knee pains of all types. It is the combination of nature’s finest herbs such as nirgungi, akarkara, rasna, ajwain, paan, gwarpatha, etc. that render natural healing effect on painful joints. Sandhijivak penetrates deep to the joints through layers of skin & relieves pain over the affected area. It stimulates blood flow by massaging in clock-wise directions & in turn, minimizes redness, swelling & soreness. It is highly effective in curing Vata-related joint pains arising in case of muscular spasms, arthritis, myalgia, sprains or other injuries.



Sandhijivak is a potent mixture of rare Himalayan medicinal herbs containing natural healing properties to get rid of aching joints, damaged nerves & stiff muscular structures. Mild massage with the oil does wonders in stimulating proper blood flow across the joints & arteries while the non-sticky lep helps heal damaged musculature. Each herb has been combined in its ‘raw’ or ‘ark’ form depending upon its healing power.

Sandhijivak is a proprietary knee pain treatment whose preparation follows precise ayurvedic protocols to restore its original curative power. The ingredients that combine to form this naturally effective mixture are:

  • Arand (root)
  • Akarkara
  • Nirgundi
  • Ajwain
  • Haldi
  • Pan
  • Ashwagandha
  • Rasna
  • Kutki

Directions for Use

Sandhijivak Lep:

  • Take about 8 gm (2 teaspoons) of Sandhijivak lep & form a paste by mixing it with some lukewarm water
  • Apply it on full knees in clockwise direction before going to sleep
  • Tie the flannel cloth (provided with the product or any soft cloth) & leave it for the entire night
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water in the morning

Cloth can be used repeatedly after washing.

Sandhijivak Oil:

  • Once you have washed Sandhijivak lep, take 2-3 ml of Sandhijivak oil on your palm & apply it in circular motions over the knee
  • Massage gently till the oil disappears in the skin

Note: Do not apply excess pressure during massage.

In case of chronic knee pain problems, Sandhijivak oil can be applied twice a day for 45 consecutive days to get better relief.

Benefits of Sandhijivak

Benefits of

  • Contains natural anti-inflammatory properties to rejuvenate complete structure
  • Relieves excruciating pain emerging due to wear & tear of cartilage
  • Relieves knee pain, stiffness & inflammation
  • Extremely helpful in redness, soreness, limping, swelling & loss of flexibility
  • Prepared under the watchful eyes of Ayurveda gurus
  • 100% non-toxic solution